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Building an ADU can be difficult.
Renvo makes it easy.

Finding the right builder can be a daunting task, there are so many options and it's hard to decide what the right choice is. Renvo is a local builder with over 20 years of experience, You will be working directly with the contractor, in fact we don't employ any sales people or project managers.


From blueprints and financing to permitting and building, we make it easy to increase the value of your property.


ADUs offer a variety of advantages, such as generating rental income. The amount of rent you can charge for your ADU will depend on its size, location, and amenities.

Another benefit is an increase in property value. A rough estimate is that your property value will rise by up to 200 times the monthly rental value of the ADU. Therefore, if you can rent out your ADU for $1,000 per month, your property value may increase by roughly $200,000.

Furthermore, ADUs can provide housing for relatives, friends, or caretakers. Many people use ADUs to accommodate adult children returning home, retired parents, and those who assist with child or elder care.


We are a licensed general contractor committed to taking complete responsibility for your project. Throughout the process, we maintain transparency by keeping you informed about the overall costs involved. What sets us apart from other design-build firms is that we guarantee your final pricing while the unit is being permitted. Our in-house team is accountable for delivering on our promises, allowing us to make this unique offer.

At every step, you'll be working with Renvo contractors & employees, from the initial contact until you receive the keys to your new ADU home. With our expertise as experienced builders, we anticipate potential obstacles that less experienced or less integrated teams may overlook. Moreover, our extensive experience handling builds means we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that we're excited to apply to your project.




This is the first step in your journey. One of our contractors will meet with you to go over your project needs and wants. The goal of this evaluation is to determine if we are the right fit for you and vise versa. We will answer any questions you might have and give you a better idea of the requirements and exceptions are prior to building.



Once we have a better idea of your wants and needs (as well as budget) we can proceed with selecting a floor plan that works for you. Depending on your unique situation, there are many options to choose from including permit-ready plans, pre-made plans, semi-custom plans, and custom plans.



This step is the big one. How do you finance the new addition to your property? The easiest of course is self financing, that is paying with funds you have on hand. However, if you want to explore bank financing we will connect you with the right lender. Many homeowners have low rates on their mortgage, and we have solutions that allow you to borrow additional financing without touching your current loan.



This is where it gets exciting. Once the floor plan is chosen, our architects and engineers will work on the required paperwork for permit submittal. During this time we work with you to choose interior and exterior finishes.



Once permits are approved, we hit the ground running. Our goal is to complete the construction of the ADU in 3 months, smaller studio units can be built much quicker, and larger units 1000-1200sq ft in size may take up to 4-5 months. During this process you have a direct line to your contractor and progress updates every week.



The last step is wrapping everything up! You will receive a certificate of occupancy from the city/county certifying the build process is complete. If there are any corrections needed they will be taken care of at this point. The site is deep cleaned both outside and inside and you receive your keys!

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